AM DUVAMIS is not a social After the end of the war with france Great Britain started to make the colonists pay more money in the form of taxes. One of these laws, the Stamp Act, put a tax on documents and newspapers. The colonists got even angrier because they were not represented in British parliament and had no way of expressing their ideas. They wanted to be treated in a fair way and believed they had certain rights that others should respect. At the beginning of the 1770s Great Britain sent soldiers to keep order in the American colonies. While many tax laws were abolished a tax on tea remained. In 1773 colonists, disguised as Indians, went aboard British ships and dumped all the tea into the harbour of Boston. This event became known as the Boston Tea Party. During the 1770s the relationship between Britain and the colonies became worse. The settlers started boycotting everything that the British wanted to sell to them. The beginning of the war In 1775 the colonists decided that they had had enough of British rule. They got ready to fight. American soldiers fought the first battle of the war at Lexington, Massachusetts. In the next few months the Americans formed their own army under the leadership of George Washington.